Use this handy checklist to get the most out of your Vol-B-Que day.  
There’s a lot to do and, while 4-5 hours seems like a long time, it goes by fast.
Plan ahead and you’ll get to see and do everything VBQ has to offer.

You’ll want to bring:
• chairs or blanket
• wallet ($5 parking and if you want to buy food)
• red, white & blue clothing
• good camera
• sunscreen

Optional things to bring:
• tent or other shade
• cooler with food & drink (if you don’t want to buy)
• costume
• tailgate games (cornhole, frisbee, etc.)
• USA-themed decor for your camp

Come early:
You’ve got to park, check-in, set up camp…it takes a while. And the planned activities like the pepper marathon, raffle draws, grand marshal parade and costume contests go between 2:30pm and 5:00pm, so get there between noon and 2:00.

Bring your kids:
The Vol-B-Que is a family friendly event. We’ve got a professional face painter on site, kids’ costume contest, child/adult pepper marathon, kids’ height volleyball courts and lots of room to run around.

Come ready to play:
We’ve got open grass courts for anyone to use. Men’s, women’s, kids, coed, competitive, casual, doubles, 4s, 6s… even tri-ball. The whole idea is that you shouldn’t have to choose between playing and watching—you can do both at the Vol-B-Que.

The Event Layout

Know the layout:
< Click this image to see the event layout. Parking, check-in, food trucks, volleyball courts, restrooms—they’re all there. And remember, there will be a match inside the Pyramid from 5–7 before the USA v. Japan match if you want to check that out.

Take & post lots of photos:
Tag your Instagram & Facebook posts and tweets with #VBQ5. That way, everyone can see all our guests’ photos and we’ll have them to make our website and social media efforts even better.

Strike plan:
At 5:15, we’ll move the entire party to the back of the Pyramid to greet the Team USA bus. After that, we’ll return to the front and clean up fast. It’s crucial to get your stuff packed up between 6:00 and 6:30 to get inside for the national anthem.

Sit in the Fan Zone:
We reserve a section of seats so VBQ guests can cheer together. Unlike other sports where the best view is from the sideline, volleyball is best seen from the baseline. Get in early and join the loudest, proudest fan area in the arena.

This is it. The whole point of everything. We’re there to FINALLY give Team USA a real home court advantage. Don’t hold anything back. Hold up your signs, ring your cowbells and shout ’til you lose your voice.



Canvas Food Truck

This is the third Vol-B-Que for Canvas and they’re always our first call. The food is incredible and they’re really nice people. Try the Dr. Pepper ribs & garlic parmesan fries. Five stars.

Grilled Cheese Truck

Whether you like classic homemade or updated gourmet grilled cheese, the GCT is “comfort food on wheels.” And the truck is run by American veterans so they’re USA…all the way!

Berlin Sausages

Sink your teeth into some authentic German cuisine with Berlin Sausages & Gourmet Grilled Cheese. Try a well-dressed brat, kielbasa or chili cheese dog at the Vol-B-Que.

Recess Ice Cream Truck

Recess super premium ice cream is the real deal—as smooth and rich as it gets. Slushies, floats, shakes, splits…even a french toast ice cream sandwich…are you kidding me?


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