The Vol-B-Que is about supporting Team USA, so patriotic colors are a must.
But if you want to take your VBQ experience to the next level, bring a unique costume
for our contests and Fan Zone cheering section. Here’s a little inspiration.



For the daytime, wear your most comfortable red, white & blue outfit to the tailgate. There are grass court games to play, delicious food to eat, a parade to watch, raffles to win, music for dancing and much, much more.


  Flip flops    Board shorts    Tank tops    Sunglasses    Sunscreen

For the late afternoon, change into your patriotic costume. We have contests for kids and adults, judged by a panel of volleyball VIPs. You’ll help turn the “fan zone” inside the Pyramid into the most supportive seating section in the arena.


  Capes    Wigs    Shields    Helmets    Boots    Props


Need a costume idea? Here are a few thought starters. As long as it represents America, you’re in theme! We’re constantly amazed at the creativity of the VBQ crew.

Marilyn Monroe. Forrest Gump. The Greatest American Hero. We’ve seen so many great ones. Abraham Lincoln, Assassin’s Creed, Rocky Balboa & Apollo Creed. And that was before James Brown showed up! Here are a few links to costume shops if you’d rather buy an outfit than make one yourself.


Alin Party Supply
Lakewood, Riverside


Windy City

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